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Here are the suggest 45 must have good habits in children:

  1. Do your work yourself. (whatever possible depending on their age)
  2. Help others as much as possible.
  3. Share your things with others. Sharing is caring.
  4. Greet the guests and do the best hospitality possible.
  5. Love younger ones and respect elders.
  6. Do not lie.
  7. Do not be aggressive in nature. Have patience.
  8. Respect teachers.
  9. Education is important. Read books. Play, but don’t ignore studies.
  10. Value time. Don’t waste time.
  11. Don’t waste electricity. Switch off the appliances not needed at the moment.
  12. Don’t waste water. Close the tap properly after using it.
  13. Eyes are precious. Don’t watch too much TV and play too many video games. It will affect your eyesight. Do not watch TV too closely. Sit at the appropriate distance from the TV to watch.
  14. Eat more green vegetables and fruits.
  15. Health is wealth. Avoid junk food.
  16. Value money.
  17. Pray every day. Believe in God and be spiritual.
  18. Take care of hygiene. Wash hands before and after eating food. Brush teeth two times a day.
  19. Help the poor. Do charity as much as possible. Give food to hungry.
  20. Stay alert from strangers.
  21. Yoga and meditation are a must to live a happy and healthy life.
  22. Make friends but the 4 am friends are the ones who are really valuable.
  23. Respect and be kind to our helpers, eg milkmen, laborers, cleaners, etc.
  24. Complete your home assignments on time and prepare well for assessments.
  25. Drink lots of water.
  26. Keep your body clean including hair and well-trimmed nails.
  27. Be organised. Do not litter at home or at any public place.
  28. Sleep for at least 8 hours at night.
  29. Don’t talk when your mouth is full.
  30. Always wait in queue for your turn.
  31. Wipe shoes on the mat before entering.
  32. Play outdoor more. Physical activity is very important.
  33. Frequently use magic words, Sorry, Thank you, and Please.
  34. Wake up early. Learn to wake up on your own.
  35. Do not use abusive language.
  36. Learn to keep yourself presentable with clean clothes and combed hair.
  37. Do not tease a helpless person.
  38. Do not hurt animals and birds.
  39. Do not pluck flowers or destroy plants.
  40. Always try to be creative and original.
  41. Work hard. Nothing can be achieved in life without effort and determination.
  42. Do your best in everything.
  43. Accept defeat.
  44. Learn from mistakes.
  45. Do not let the win get into your head. Stay down to earth always.