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School Rules


  1. Students must be punctual; they should arrive at the school 5 minutes before the first bell for assembly.
  2. Students should come to school clean and tidy with trimmed hair.
  3. It is compulsory to bring the school diary and identity card regularly.
  4. Parents are requested not to visit wards or teachers in the classrooms without the prior permission of the Principal.
  5. Students suffering from infections/contagious diseases shall not be permitted to attend school till full recovery. They should submit a medical fitness certificate in support of that.
  6. The school reserves for itself the right to rusticate a student for unsatisfactory progress/bad conduct.
  7. Writing or scrubbing on the walls or causing damage to school property will be treated as misconduct.
  8. No student will be sent home unless a duly authorizes person comes to fetch him/her. Please get a stampede pass issued.
  9. Absence from school must be supported by leave application by the parent or guardian of the student
  10. No Student will be allowed to leave school early during school hours. In case of urgency, his/her leave application is to be signed by either of parents, if not, the leave may not be allowed.
  11. All students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline, polite and gentlemanly behavior in the school as well as outside the school. The school authorities reserve the right of asking a student to be withdrawn at once if in their opinion his stay in school is detrimental to the school discipline or interest.
  12. A Student may be withdrawn during or after the school session on the following grounds.
    • If his/her progress in academics is not satisfactory.
    • If his/her school dues are in arrearage.
    • If he/she is found using unfair means in the examination.
  13. A student, whose name has been struck off the absence without leave/carelessness or indiscipline, may not be eligible for re-admission.
  14. Visitors/parents to come formally dressed.


Each student is expected to:-

  1. Be a regular scholar, come to school in tidy, neat and clean school Uniforms. Take pride in wearing the school uniform.
  2. Let there be grace and sense of purpose in your movement.
  3. Help to keep the Campus clean.
  4. Do not loiter outside the classroom while the school is in session.
  5. Move in line and do not disturb the class.
  6. Take care of your things and do not lose them.
  7. Maintain proper discipline during change of periods and classrooms.
  8. Be a keen learner, obedient to teachers, helpful and tolerant to fellow students.
  9. Develop a good character and personality, observing simple rules of decency and decorum.
  10. Believe in simple living and high thinking, being truthful and honest.
  11. Should you find anything, deposit the same in the Lost and Found Department of the school.
  12. Do not do anything which is derogatory to your self-respect.
  13. Your work and conduct should bring a good name to the school that will open a bright future for you.
  14. Carry out the order of the class monitor, housemaster and teachers.
  15. Be an active participant in every activity of the school.
  16. Enter your home assignment in the diary daily. That will help you do the homework.
  17. Do not bring valuables to the school.
  18. Juniors should be treated with love and affection.
  19. Avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
  20. “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. To take care of your health it is not important how much you eat but more important is what you eat. Also, make sure that you give 6 hours to 8 hours of rest to your body.