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Student Council


Every year the Student Council or Prefectural board is constituted in the school to empower the students with the idea of doing something not only for their own up-liftment but for the school as well. It is called Arya Kumar Parishad also. The Student Council rises above their individual differences to work as a team for academic enhancement, organization of various events, maintenance of discipline, and other related issues. It is open to the students of classes VIII to XII.

The interested students first file their nominations and participate in various rounds as – public speaking, voting, two rounds of interviews- one with the panel of teachers and second with the Principal. After the final selection, students are given their portfolios in form of badges and scarves during the Investiture ceremony and thus begin their term of office which is for one academic year.

The office bearers and the number of posts are as following:L

S. No. Post No.
1. Director, School Cabinet (School Caption) 2
2. Head Boy 1
3. Head Girl 1
4. Deputy Head Boy 1
5. Deputy Head Girl 1
6. House Captain - Bhagat House 1
House Captain - Subhash House 1
House Captain- Azad House 1
House Captain- Patel House 1
7. Deputy House Captain - Bhagat House 1
Deputy House Captain - Subhash House 1
Deputy House Captain- Azad House 1
Deputy House Captain- Patel House 1
8. Cultural Secretary 1
9. Cultural In- charge 2
10. Literary Secretary 1
11. Literary- In- charge 2
12. Discipline Secretary 1
13. Discipline- In-charge 2
14. Environment Secretary 1
15. Environment- In- charge 2
16. Sports Secretary 1
17. Sports – In-charge( Sport Caption) 2
18. Editorial Board Secretary 1
19. Editorial Board In-charge 2
20. School Representative 14