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The House System

The students in the school are divided into four ‘Houses’ for academic, cultural and outdoor activities. Inter-House competitions are organized to improve the four aspects of an all-around education, namely behaviour, academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Each House has a Captain and a Vice-Captain and Prefects.

The four (4) houses at M.D.S.Vidya Mandir Inter College are “Bhagat”, “Subhash”, “Aazad” and “Patel”, named after the krantikari /patriot of India.

Bhagat House:

Colour - Saffron or orange

Significance - The colour of the soul, tested for purity and enflamed with the zest for life.

Motto - Forgiveness for forever.

Subhash House:

Colour - Green

Significance -The universality of life, respect for all nature at its best.

Motto - Humility is divine.

Aazad House:

Colour -Yellow

Significance - The colour of the guru, the Supreme Ruler.

Motto - To be of use to one and all.

Patel House:

Colour -Blue

Significance -The colour of beauty and mystery, of the life source, water...

Motto - Respect for each and every one.


Pupils are assigned to one of the four houses on entrance to the school where they remain until the end their academic journey in the school. Each member of staff is also attached to a house. Each house is led by a House Captain who acts as representative for all the students in his/her house throughout the year by helping in the co-ordination of house teams, organising activities and events, and representing his/her house at relevant meetings. While the House System provides a superb platform for the positive competitions, the houses are primarily a means of fun and excitement whereby the potential of each individual can be capitalised upon. Participation in House activities contributes to excellence in academic, social, sporting and cultural fields. The resultant opportunities for leadership boost an awareness of individual and collective responsibility and a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom. Each term the winning House receives the House shield and other prizes.